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Tournament Results, Footage & Press

Players on these teams qualify for NAHBPC.
1. Barry White Supremacy (Alexis/Nick V/Roberts)
2. Los Cuatrerors (Austin)
3. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife (COMO/Chicago)
4. Bluegrass Blazers (Lex)
5. Team 1×1 (MPLS)
5. Minute Men (COMO)
7. Krispy Kreamers (New Orleans/Seattle)
7. Scarry Larry (Lawrence)
Players on these teams can register for the NAHBPC wildcard tourney Thursday Aug 4th:
9. Bunglesaurus (Austin)
9. Gulf South Boys (N.O./Mobile)
9. Come and take it (Austin)
9. Critter Bonus (Austin/Mobile)