Bike Polo Fun Time

Last monday was kinda wierd huh? I did not realize that one of the Beefy guys that showed up late taco'd Pete's wheel. I had a vibe & should've said something stronger to those dudes about their level of intenseness. Also, I realise that some people were getting annoyed at the sudden focus on "The rules". A few of us talked last nite over some beers and came up with a possible solution - Hopefully adressing the following points will make playing enjoyable for all...because that's what its all about yea?

Here are some general guidelines we thought would help..

#1. People seemed ok with the footdown & the smacking of the can to ride back into play (We won't rag some new player if they don't...because they need to enjoy & learn to handle their bike..& who's really paying that much attention anyways?)

#2. Seeing as one end of the Pavillions is unwalled.. when the scored on team down there gets control, lets just give 30+ seconds for them to retrieve the ball/get ready & the other team can ride back to their goal before restarting play. Easy.

#3. Purpose= have fun & hang out. If we're all not that into it on a given night, we can just do a ride or drink some beers..& Next spring if these guys in the Austin Tx club want to set up a tourney with some of us, we can worry about official rules then.

P.S. The next 2 weeks there arent going to be any scheduled meets due to the Holidays..but if someone wants to do an impromtu thing..post it & we'll try to get mallets to ya.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


The Cautious Observer said...

Hey it all sounds great! One thing on number 2...
What if the scoring team just waits by their goal until the scored-on team retrieves the ball and advances it past the center line of the court?
Instead of the scoring team just having to ride back to the centerline. And instead of having to count 30 seconds. I don't know, does this sound easier? I also think it would work for any court; like at MacArthur when the ball sometimes gets stuck in the net.
Any thoughts?

It's all fun to me! Just want to keep folks coming out to the practices, er, uh, gatherings of our "social club".

The Cautious Observer said...

Oh yeah, I'm going to try to make Wed. night but there's a chance I won't. I've got 6 mallets, the bell and all the balls. If anybody wants them let me know!

Bike Polo!

DAveO said...

Sure. That sounds good. I had 5 beers in me when I posted so...