I noticed while going over the RULES that we have been missing some things..

-After a goal is scored, the team who scored returns to their half of the court. The team who was scored on takes possession of the ball.

-Passing “backward” through the goal (from behind the goal line to in front of it, through the goal, a.k.a. “goal offsides”): When the ball is passed through the goal in this way, a goal CANNOT be scored by the first player to play the ball. Any subsequent player to play the ball may score. If a ball is shot from in front of the goal line and does not go through the goal but bounces off the back wall and comes out through the goal, the ball is in play and can be scored. A ball that crosses a goal line backwards must be “hit” before it can score.

-Also, we should start observing "foot-downs" - maybe someone has a cowbell that we can smack when we have to ride to the side & tap back in to play...

-Scoring a goal must be made from what started as a hit. A hit is made from the end of a player’s mallet. A “shuffle” does not count as a goal; if the ball is shuffled through the goal, play continues uninterrupted. (I think this will be the hardest rule to observe and enforce..but prolly should work on it so we can play outta town clubs.)

The state of the Bike Polo is good. As we get better while having fun playing against improvised teams, remember that there are TONS of out of state clubs that tour the states at various times of the year and are looking to play.

Be sure to browse the RULES and check out YouTube / Vimeo to get pointers on skills and general play & we'll see you all this Monday night!!

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DAveO said...

That was fun...thanx all!
BTW~I'm gonna be celebrating my 14th wedding anniversary with Stacy & so will not be able to make it Wednesday nite. Nathan/Danielle, drop by the hizzle & grab my xtra mallets or ill leave them on my porch under the swing-seat OK? I might make a couple more today while I'm playin hooky from school.