Tulsa Polo Club

Here's an email I just got from a group in Tulsa OK..

We've talked about your club and think that we could make a special point to pass through your town. You guys are very close to us. We're happy to have new polo neighbors. We'd like to show you guys what we've learned in the year we've been playing. It's fun to play new people and I imagine a half dozen of us would like to make the drive over some weekend day. We play both Sunday and Wednesday so if you are ever over this way please bring your bike and mallet. We look forward to playing with you soon.

Steven and the Tulsa Polo Club

I let him know we are always ready for a game. :)


Anonymous said...

Sweet! It's a Thanksgiving day miracle.


DAveO said...

Plus Tulsa is a great city..we should do a road trip sometime-play some polo..see a show.