LRBP Hosting Spring Tournament!!

In either mid-March or early April we will be having polo clubs from various states coming to Little Rock for a Spring Bike Polo Tournament! Its gonna be big from the discussion forums on League of Bike Polo. Let's really welcome these folks right and make this a regular event.

Here's a LINK to the talk so far.

We will be meeting at Vino's Monday the 8th @ 6pm RE Tournament..and then we'll head down to the courts by 8pm. So if you have played with us in the past or are new and want to be involved- we'll see you there!


The Cautious Observer said...

april 10th and 11th here we come!

DAveO said...

We are trying to get this thing manageable from our virgin-like standpoint at the moment..gonna try to post to LOBP.com by Monday nite with dates/Pic of courts /basic itinerary.

sprocket industries said...

is anyone playing tonite

DAveO said...

Info for tourney is up on LOBP.com..go to the top of our links to see. Steven is gonna have a better poster soon..