R.C.R. Brackets

It's refreshing to see what can happen when people come together and each do what they are good at!
Thanks to Toby for ruling the brackets with an iron fist & wielding rubbing alcohol to keep the wussies in line!
Mike for helping with brackets and playing hard.
Nathan for shining a light on our efforts and his studly court pressure & beard.
Julie H for her unending enthusiasm, support & hospitality.
The Block clan for bunches: Polo awesomeness/refreshment stations/sk8-cred.
Schiller St. kids & Kenny for offering up the compound & super long extension-cords.
Little Rock Parks for letting us do it.. & Jim Sick for his interest in us.
James for joining the fun & filling in where needed.
Allison for playing hard & giving hugs.
Beer.. for its restorative magical properties.
Vino's/Chris/Henry Lee & all for letting everyone in.
Julie P for being there to play when you have so much else on your plate.
Mikey for coming down & providing his wrench. (get your crew ready damnit..)
Ben for being an awesome besandaled alligator-wrasslin polo host-player-brewmiester.
Orbea guys for showing up & playing. (keep your team coming so we can have some wars!!)
Ian from Orbea for providing parts & prizes.
Nature Boy for letting us disrupt his living room.
Cherri & Stevenso for instigating.
All the teams that came..we miss you already!

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