MacArthur Park Group Meeting results

Pete, Adam & I went to the War Memorial Museum for the MacArthur Park Group meeting & made some contacts. The group seemed very willing to help us & Keith from The Clinton Foundation/Americorps is coming @ 6:30 pm for Monday Polo with an associate to get a feel for what needs to be done to get our courts fixed up. I think we should be able to get donations/scrap materials to get both courts boarded up & Keith says he has plenty of people who can help in construction.
Anyone who wants to go to these meetings is welcome..maybe we should keep it to 3 or 4 representatives at a time tho. We're possibly going to get some sort of posterboard presentation worked up for next time to give them a better idea of what it is that we are doing. This is pretty awesome...get thinking about where we can get donations/recycled materials/scrap for the courts OK?



DanielledeP said...

ask Tom Frothinham at the LR ZOO about scraps. hes got a shitload of it. better yet, have allison hammonds ask tom. he's also got good pipe for mallets. who is your contact with the city? tom knows a bunch of old dudes at Parks and Rec.

Peter Block said...

I'm going by home depot today to get some supplies and hopefully some ideas about what our "ideal" courts wold be.

DAveO said...

We should be able to get a couple of dif plans from amigos in other cities..Itd be cool of we could utilize scrap metal studs left over from new home construction.